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eloise's Journal

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Ten things about me:

1) I am married, very happy and I have a beautiful baby daughter.
2) I have been a vegetarian for 20 years and although I live in Paris I could very happily live on a diet of cereal and Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup (which I import especially from the UK).
3) Yes I speak both English and French just as well as any native from either side of the pond
4) I don't make friends very easily and rarely trust anybody.
5) I am an Executive and take my job very seriously
6) Most of my spare time is spent looking after my daughter, reading, watching movies with my lovely hubbie or playing The Sims 3
7) I have a pretty long goth background
8) My music taste has also got pretty eclectic within the past couple of years
9) If you want to add me, I'll most likely reciprocate unless we have nothing in common or unless your profile simply creeps me out
10) This journal is Friends only for 95% of the entries.

I have a Sims journal at cece_sims

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