C (eloise) wrote,

As everyone is doing it, I would hate to feel left out!

Please recommend for me...

1. A Movie:
2. A Book:
3. A Band, Song, or Album:
4. A LJ user not on my friend's list:
5. A place to travel:
6. A Website:

Put your recommendations in a comment
Then, put this in your journal.
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1. A Movie: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
2. A Book: Perks of Being a Wallflower-by Stephen Chbosky
3. A Band,Song,or Album: Album:Counterfeit2 by Martin L. Gore
4. A LJ user not on my friend's list: UrbanLitter (my bestfriend and roomie)
5. A place to travel: I want to go to New Zealand someday its so beautiful in pictures and so rich in history so I recommend New Zealand...*smile*
6. A Website: http://www.the-earchives.com/ a fun little .wav site I play on when I'm bored beyond belief

Have a great valentines day darling!!!


Martin L Gore, he has actually been on my 'to buy' list since I saw your post about that album a while back! (plus I totally adore Depeche Mode so I can't really go wrong there)

Everytime I think of New Zealand now I think of Lord of the Rings, it sure looks totally awesome. One day when I am rich I might take a trip out there!

Thanks for all your suggestions, I am going to check it all out!
Your Welcome Hun!


yeah, depeche mode is one of my all time favs!!!

take care of you!

1. A Movie: The Princess and the Warrior
2. A Book: Arthur Nersesian's The Fuck Up
3. A Band, Song, or Album: I Am the World Trade Center's The Tight Connection and their sophomore album, Out of the Loop
4. A LJ user not on my friend's list: tingaling
5. A place to travel: Andorra
6. A Website: www.seatbeltbags.com
Ooo those bags are pretty neat! Never heard of them before and I am not even sure I could get those in Paris, but very interesting nonetheless!

I am going to check out the movie and book suggestion, I'll let you know what I thought.

- "Lost in translation" for the movie (or how to be american and perfectly freeze the subtility of human feelings)
- "monster" from Naoki Urasawa for the book(s) (how a brilliant surgeon prefers to save a boy rather than the town mayor and loose his carrer, to learn 10 years after that this boy has become a serial killer)
- "liberation" From the divine comedy (just air and life)
- dunno, never read blogs (except yours ;-) )
- Australia for the place to travel (or the real feeling of being free and live)
- http://www.ni9e.com/ for the website (just because... I like it and i'm sure you will too)